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Universal Cutting Plotter

High adhesion and more sticky on digital prints, specially use for digital printing materials.

Digital thermal BOPP film

Soft touch thermal BOPP film

Has special coating on the surface, make it touched soft, smooth, like velvet.

Good material and widely used for lamination due to the low cost and all-around durability

General purpose thermal film

This film provides high security at low cost, it makes your laminating products unique for your application. 

Holographic thermal film

The specially treated surface has anti-scratch ability, it can prolong the worklife of the film greatly. 

Anti-scratch thermal BOPP film

Embossing thermal  film

The specially treated surface has different pattens, such as liner, leather, hairline,glitters,etc. 

It is developed for more valuable printing finish, supplied in various colors, Gold, Silver, Blue, Red...

Metalized thermal film