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It is constructed by PET+EVA+PE, low temperature quality, anti-static and has passed RoHS and REACH. 

Laminating roll film

Antibacterial coating on PET

surface, increase antibaterial activity of laminating film

Anti-batcerial laminating film

Low temperature quality, anti-static, thickness from 75mic to 350mic

Laminating pouch film


Friction feeder

Air feeder


All-functional laminator

Automatic laminator

Pouch laminator

Roll laminator

Cold laminator

Crystal clear film laminator

Wide format laminator

Laminating supplies


Foil laminator

Foiling machine

Foiling materials

Foil cutter


Manual cutting machine

Electrical cutting machine

Automatic cutting machine

Automatic burster

Universal Cutting Plotter

It can resist more than 99% ultraviolet rays, suit for long term outdoor applications.

Anti-UV hot laminating film

Magnetic laminating pouch film

It provide an easy way to create laminated magnets using your pouch laminator.

Soft touch pouch film

With special coating on the PET surface, make it touched soft, smooth, like velvet

It can be put on the glass or other smooth and transparent place, both sides same clear.

Decal laminating pouch film

Colored laminating film

It can add a splash of color to your laminated cards and documents

Holographic laminating film

Special treatment to put 3D hologrphic on the film

Special treated PET surface, write and erase with water base pen, as white board or note board, etc.

Erasable laminating film

Recovery laminating film

Special coating, after lamination, the laminted article is non-sticky, it can be taken out if necessary.​