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This automatic feeding laminator can do both one side BOPP film lamination and two sides PET film lamination, it consist of automatic paper feeder, perforator, decurling unit. The automatic feeder allows the operator to stack and go. The adjustable feeding speed create over-lap for single side lamination, the perforating unit punch the holes for automatic bursting, the decurling unit make the laminate flat. Attached with a trimmer, it can cut the PET film laminate or attached with a burster, it can burst the one side BOPP film laminate.



Automatic paper feeding

Both separating pad and blocking roller prevent miss feed

Long extension arm enable big roll film

Perforating system enable automatic bursting

De-curl unit to eliminate paper curling

Adjustable feeding speed to create over-lap for different paper size

No paper, automatic stopping

Technical specifications




Max. working speed

3.0 m/min.

3.0 m/min.

Min. paper length

280 mm

280 mm

Paper thickness

100-350 gr/m2

Max. paper width

330 mm

440 mm

Type of laminating film



Laminating film thickness

(Gloss/Gloss or Matte/Gloss) 38-250 micron PET/

24-38 micron BOPP

Max. laminating film width

330 mm

450 mm



Auto-360DS with burster 

​(For one side BOPP lamination)

Auto-360DS with trimmer 

​(For two sides PET lamination)