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        Glueless lamination film



BOPP glue-less lamination film is a transparent BOPP film with co-extruded functional layer intergraded into the film provides the mechanism for the lamination bond to almost all traditional laminated packaging substrates via the application of heat and pressure.

Good lamination bonding and high peeling strength on functional side.
Excellent machinability on printing side, suitable for foil stamping and screen printing.
Readily applied for direct lamination with most lamination substrates, removes the need for adhesive to be applied through lamination processing.
High environment friendly, economic and efficient for processing.

Laminated with paper, used for book cover, poster, magazine, notebook

Technical data

Property Test method Units Test value 
Thickness DADAO um 17
Tensile strength MD GB/T1040.3 Mpa 105
TD 200
Elongation at break MD GB/T1040.3 % 170
TD 50
Sealing strength GB/T12026 N/15mm 4
Haze GB/T2410 % 1.5
Unit weight GB/T0343 g/m2 15.39
Yield GB/T0343 m2/kg 64.98