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This automatic feeder is designed to upgrade your current normal roll laminators to an auto-feed roll laminator, it can significantly increase the efficiency of your lamination jobs. The installation is simple, whether your laminator is table-top type or stand type, just put the feeder together with the laminator in the same height. The operation is easy, by adjusting the feeding speed, it can create both gap for double sides lamination and overlap for single side lamination. The blocking roller will stop the extra paper and allow only ONE sheet pass. The feeder will alarm to remind the operator, when there is no paper or feeding fault happen.


AF-360 without stand
AF-450 with machine stand


·       Match with the normal roll laminator

·       Adjustable speed to match the laminating speed

·       Up to 200 sheets 80gsm paper stacking

·       Variable paper thickness from 80gsm to 350gsm

·       Easy operation

·       Multi-feed paper blocking

·       Alarm for no paper or feeding fault