Crystal clear film laminator

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The CL-1050 was developed for the demanding of photo frame market. It laminate the crystal film to make photo frame with acrylic plate. With its good lamination technology, it can make photo frame easily and perfectly with no minute bubbles on the results to satisfy your customers.


• Multi-steps pressure device for easy board feeding

• Heating roller for removing fine bubbles during lamination

• 4 rollers double pressurizing system for Strong bonding lamination

• Select a laminator for required application

  - Top heating roller for top roll lamination

  - Top & bottom heating roller for both sides roll lamination


Technical specifications

Max. laminating width: 1050mm

Max. laminating thickness: 5mm

Max. laminating speed: 1.6m/min

Max. working temperature: 140 ℃

Control system: 8-bit micro processor control system

Recommended film thickness: Up to 250 micron (10 mil)

Power requirement: AC 220-240V; 50/60Hz

Power consumption: 2000W

Dimensions (LxWxH): 1370x520x310mm

Machine Weight: 155 kgs