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This automatic trimmer is designed to be used with the roll laminators in order to complete the laminating system. It has two side-slitting blades and the cross trimmer, so you will have a 4-edges trimmed sheet. The control panel is user friendly and can be operated easily.  An integrated photocell sensor precisely activates the trimmer as it senses the leading and trailing edges of each sheet to be cut. The feeding roller and guiding bars can enable the film go straight, without deviation. The regulator bar will stop the machine automatically when there is no film feeding-in.



·        Variable speed up to 15 m/min

·        4 sides trimming

·        Modern and user friendly control panel display

·        Long life trimming blade

·        Multi-safety protections

·        No film automatic stopping

Technical Specifications

Max. working width380 mm530 mm690 mm
Max. working speed12 m per minute
Suitable film thickness38mic - 250mic    *
Margin size-10mm to +25mm
Control systemLCD display control system
Power requirementAC 100V; 110V; 220-240V; 50/60Hz
Power consumption120 W120 W150 W
Dimensions without stand (LxWxH)735 X 370 X 270mm885 X 370 X 270mm1075 X 370 X 270mm
Dimensions with stand (LxWxH)735 X 370 X 960mm885 X 370 X 960mm1075 X 370 X 960mm
Machine weight without stand29 kgs45 kgs55 kgs
Machine weight with stand38 kgs56 kgs70 kgs
 * 38mic film used on designated laminator